Camp Log

I have been working as a CIT or a ~counselor in training~ with my cousin at a little summer camp in the middle of nowhere. It’s really fun because I get to work with the little kids and my little cousins who are so CUTE AHH! Okay enough about that, this post is going to be written in a way like one Log = One week at camp. I’m only doing two weeks so chill out 😂.

Log 1: New kid on the block

This week we focused on exercises, like rope courses and team building, and I made some new friends in my group! Everyone is around my age so it’s not awkward and everyone seems to get along. I live in California but everyone else is from New York, so I was kind of an odd ball out but after a couple of days, nobody seemed to care anymore. I felt like I could let go of the city life that I’ve always lived and experience what it’s like to live in a small town.

Always after camp, I would hang out with my cousin who I’ve nicknamed her AB, for Anna Banana because it’s what everyone called her when she was little (I’ll never let her live that nickname down 😂). We got ice cream at the local dairy, got snow cones at the small barn farm, or even went to a small little pool store and just went from chair to chair giving ~expert reviews~ while her mom went to actually find some decent by the pool decorations.

My house in that little town is only a door away from my cousins’ house. Fun fact: I live on the same street of all of my cousins! Well kind of, I only go there for the majority of the summer when we aren’t on a holiday. But when I am there it really feels like home, riding my bike around the neighborhood, eating with my family every night, and going to farms and picking berries. These are probably the things that have really shaped me and my perspective on how to really understand myself. These little moments make up the whole world to me.

Log 2: Trust

TRUST! Oh dear. This week was all about trusting each other and trust falling!  (sorry for the overuse of the word trust I’m just excited about the title😂)So it started out with normal trust falls which I wasn’t exactly comfortable with. Then we had to stand on a stump, look back and see everybody, turn around again and SEE NOBODY THERE, then fall and trust the people to catch you! It was SUPER terrifying! I went last after my camp friends egged me on, I didn’t fall but I am a scardy cat and was very fearful, but afterward, of doing those exercises, I ended up trusting my camp friends more.

Even though camp (it wasn’t a sleep away it was a day camp) was pretty lovely and I made some great friends, there was a group of three people that were particularly interesting. They kept poking and jabbing at me (not physically just pestering me with obnoxious questions) because I lived so far away and I felt like I was being distanced from the town that I loved. But my camp friends stepped in and helped me deal with the group and we built a lot of trust. I couldn’t be more grateful to, the people I barely knew stepped up for me. Have any of you had experiences like this, being jabbed at for being different?

Alright, I’ll see you very soon


Simply Aerin


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