Injections! : SA Asks you

Hey everyone!

So recently I’ve been in a pretty crappy medical situation, (I know shocking) and I thought I could share it with the internet because this is anonymous and I feel like it.
I have something called psoriatic arthritis if you don’t know what that is (hey don’t worry about if you don’t know what I’m talking about because it’s not the most common thing ever), it is “a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Which is ~super funnn~

I’ve recently gotten my medication (injections) switched to every couple weeks/every month to every week. Having SEVERE needle issues (for real if you are scared of needles times that by like a hundred), this has been quite difficult. It’s been very not fun (I know, super vocabulary points for me here) and has caused me lots of anxiety. 
Do any of you have problems with anxiety and/or frequent injections? How do you cope?


Simply Aerin


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